RAK International Corporate Center located in Ras Al Khaimah allows two formats of companies, offshore companies, and onshore companies. RAK ICC Offshore Company in UAE is a highly regulated and compliant jurisdiction offering state of the art products.

We are registered agents for RAKICC company formation.

We are creating IBC Companies and Onshore Companies that facilitate business with local companies and avail employment visas subject to rules and regulations of RAK ICC.

The IBC.s incorporated with the Jurisdiction is mostly used for wealth management and assets protection, holding shares in local companies and companies established internationally, holding assets, real properties, open bank accounts at local and international banks.

Types of RAK ICC Companies are

  • Company Limited by Shares
  • Company Limited by Guarantee
  • Restricted Purpose Company
  • Segregated Portfolio Company
  • Unlimited Company
  • Intellectual Property Holding Company
  • Premium Product necessitates for ease of doing business in the UAE
  • Transfer of Domicile
  • Wills & Probate

Documents Required

  • Passport copies
  • Residence proof
  • Promoter profile
  • Secretary profile
  • Business Plans for a category of companies

Cost Estimate for an offshore company without a visa, approximately AED 5,500 (USD 1,500) and primary Premium product with one visa eligibility, AED 17,500 (USD 4,800)


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